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A Bit About Me

Todd was recruited as a lead trainer and installer in 2013. Todd came from an extensive 29 year background in Low Voltage installation services including having been the owner and operator of a chain of low voltage installation locations named Advanced Customer Audio. As owner of Advanced Custom Audio, Todd personally directed the successful building and installation of all kinds of low voltage products for many high end and varying customer vehicles. Todd in fact built a car system for The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift, for many Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers players and many other custom and high end builds not including hundreds of successful product installations for his many customers over the years!

Todd quickly stood out as the most knowledgeable Technician we had in the field and was recruited to become our Quality Control Manager in 2016. Todd’s role then became to oversee large jobs, to train Technicians in the field, to visually inspect Technician work and to provide Tech support as needed 24/7. Todd’s services to DRIG grew to include the writing of many installation manuals including detailed diagrams for both DRIG and DRIG’s customers and in some specific cases having helped our customers to even win business becoming an extension of their companies. Todd has provided thorough and credible investigations of installation(s) and which at times have debunked any frivolous claims for both DRIG and our valued customers. Additionally, Todd has pioneered the building of our existing electronic job sheet(s) which are customized to each customer’s needs and specifications and which provides a mandatory checklist of installation procedures and quality control measures. Todd has been integral in establishing DRIG’s existing quality control systems which are now unparalleled in the industry.

Todd Dirando

QC Manager

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