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A Bit About Me

I currently have 35 years of experience in the low voltage installation trade. Back in 1989, I started at my uncle Willy's stereo TV shop in the greater East LA area. After working for him for 3 years, installing audio and alarm systems, I got a job with LoJack installing telematics low VHF tracking systems. This was the beginning of tracking. While working there, I enrolled at ITT Tech where I took electronics and computer repair, graduating in 1995. I worked for SWDS as a technician installer of auto security and tracking upgrades to OEM systems, making it the longest job I held in my career as a low voltage electronics installer. In 2015, I co-partnered with a friend to run a two-way communications repair/installation shop, eventually becoming part of the DRIG family towards the end of my time working for SWDS.

Rick Haro

QC Assistant

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