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A Bit About Me

Russ Miller started the company in early 2010, and has a (30 year) background in successful business management and company development within the service and installation industries and is owner and founder of multiple businesses. Russ was actually approached about possibly starting a GPS & fleet vehicle installation company by a good friend who was working within the industry and who told Russ that there was a huge opportunity for improving the overall caliber of technician available. Russ quickly commenced developing what is now a National and reputable Installation Company, with the primary goal to first improve the overall caliber of Technician including the quality of workmanship which is available in the industry.

Russ says, “the days of having an impressionable, possibly hung over or foul mouth tech who shows up on a job site is over, when using DRIG services'. We continue to honor and build upon the term, “Consummate Service Professional''!

Since the company’s conception, Russ has partnered with multiple and key individuals who have added their own industry and business knowledge and experience to the company's overall success and in order to provide the highest quality of service, the most pleasant overall business experience, professionalism, competence and by far the greatest caliber of technician available.

Russ further believes and is the culture of DRIG, that when you focus on people, all forms of other success will be the bi-product. We invite you to experience a culture built on integrity, professionalism and genuine care for each Partner and valued relationship!

We invite you to experience the DRIG difference

Russ Miller

Founder / CEO

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